You're a lone wolf. A renegade. We get you. That's why we have so many individual workout options available.


Regular exercise will condition your heart and pump the blood throughout your body more efficiently. Heavy Hitters offers the moves to get your heart rate going! Cardio exercise burns fat, resulting in weight loss, which comes from burning more calories than you take in. Cardio workouts are exercises like jogging, fast walking and swimming. When in the middle of a workout, it's easy to forget why cardio is such an important part in any workout. One may even forget when you're sitting at home doing nothing when you should be working out but cannot muster up the energy to do so. Sometimes the idea of getting winded and sweaty doesn't bide too well. There are many reasons why you should get off your couch and utilize Heavy Hitters services in cardiovascular fitness to understand why it is such an integral part of working out. By getting up and getting to action, your heart and lungs have to work harder to supply your body with more oxygen for fuel to keep you going. Cardiovascular fitness is best described as the ability of the heart and lungs to supply your body with oxygen-rich blood. Having a Heavy Hitters personal trainer will help you gain a better understanding of why regular exercise is so essential. We truly offer services that will get your heart rate going! When experiencing a cardiovascular workout routine with Heavy Hitters, we will help you burn immense amounts of fat in order to help you reach your targeted weight loss that you desire most. By burning more calories than you take in, we can help clients reach their target weight loss in no time. Results are not found overnight,what's needed is a strict monitoring of your diet and exceptional dedication. When choosing our service, you will be receiving service at its best.

Sports Conditioning

For those individuals interested in improving their game. Whether you play golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer, ice hockey we have the latest in athletic training techniques that focus on building your core, power, and dexterity to get you where you want to be. Are you looking to improve your game? Do you think there is times where you could use a little work but don't know how to put in the proper elbow grease? Heavy Hitters is here to help you turn yourself into the superstar you were always meant to be. It doesn't matter if you play golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey or just consider yourself an athlete in general, we are leaders and innovators in professional sports conditioning. With our team of Heavy Hitters trainers, all aspects of your game will receive a complete and total makeover to bring out your inner superstar ability. Through a conditioning regimen that is strictly based around the necessary techniques to succeed at your sport of choice, we can rejuvenate your core, power levels, dexterity, flexibility and overall IQ of sports conditioning. We firmly believe that we can bring your body to the condition that it should be in and what you want it to be in. Young or senior citizen, age is not a concern when it comes to the passion of an athlete. Heavy Hitters can provide clients with a compassionate fitness experience they will never forget. We do not only demonstrate the benefits of personal fitness, we provide an educational experience that instills the knowledge necessary to eventually take the reigns of your own workout regimen.


Whether you are a beginner, a general fitness enthusiast, or just someone who's tired of the same old workout routine, Heavy Hitters also provides a whole new approach to exercise that is fun, challenging, great for overall flexibility, and burns calories like crazy. Believe it or not... it's Boxing and MMA!  At Heavy Hitters, we've developed a way to "bottle" the incredible high, people get from Boxing and MMA and translate it to the average person looking for an exciting way to get (and stay) fit. What we do is use the principles of Boxing or MMA and its relevant training methods to give your training the kind of jolt you'll feel for days. This means ground-based exercise like running, skipping rope, heavy bag training, focus mitts work, and  a heavy emphasis on your core -- expect lots of flexibility and stability work. And yes, you'll also learn how to throw punches and unleash kicks... but more as a way to give you the best workout you can imagine. Whether you decide to make Boxing or MMA training your primary focus, or you'd like to try it once per week in place of that day's regular Heavy Hitters workout, your trainer will help you make the best decision for you. While everyone can benefit from the different exercises and techniques offered by our kickboxing regimen, not everyone is a perfect fit for it "right now." Perhaps your core is still a bit weak from an old injury and it's making you a bit unsteady. In situations like this, your trainer will add extra core and balance work to your normal routine, as a means of conditioning you for our Boxing or MMA workout. Bring you up a few notches just to be on the safe side, in other words. After a week or two, you'll be ready... then it'll be up to you to decide in which direction... and how far... to take things! If you choose this program, not only will you learn some terrific new skills, you will get into the best shape of your life. So what are you waiting for? Ask one of our Heavy Hitter trainers about our program today!